Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Heart YM Version 10

I know this rave is kinda late... haha.

It was my SIL who first started using it. I loved YM 10's Video Call capacity which friends say is like Skype. My Yakee has gotten used to just talking to laptops actually.

But when I finally downloaded it and started using it, I had to contend with the mic problem. Mine wasn't working. I kept having to use a headset. At first I thought it was my laptop memory or because I was using Windows 7. Somebody took mercy on me and walked me through how to activate my laptop's mic. So now, Yakee is very familiar with his Ninang Grace again, who's all the way in Michigan. He absolutely loves chatting and it kinda feels like we're just in the same room.

So I really, really, really like YM Version 10. Technology is really cool nowadays too!

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