Monday, March 1, 2010

No Hurry Alphabet

I have this fingerspelling chart near my son's diaper changing table. I put it there for me, mostly, but he's taken to 'reading' the letters there. He started with O and got to recognize more and more of the letters. When we're out, he'd 'read' letters off trucks and buildings.

I am in no hurry to teach him to read... partly because I do not know how to go about it. But since he finds it fun, I try as much as I can to teach him his letters. But he struggles with it half the time, still confusing a lot of them for me to want to continue. It's not that am discouraged by his mistakes, more like, I don't want to force the issue since it is not particularly critical for him to learn them already at this point anyway.

And then I got this bright idea of using glowsticks. Since it's pretty malleable, I shape it into different letters which make it more fun for him. It's really cool to do in a darkened room together.

I also realized that his pliable play dough can be shaped in letters so I sometimes use them to practice his eyes with letters being presented in different styles. It's fun for the both of us as well.

But he still gets it wrong a third of the time.

Guess how he gets letters right most of the time though? hehe.

He gets them right 90-95% of the time when I FINGERSPELL them! On one hand, I am one proud, happy Mommy over my son's uniqueness. On the other hand, I cringe because it's further proof that he's a physical learner. He just prefers 3D and interaction. Yikes. Yikes. Yikes.

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