Sunday, March 28, 2010

Roadtrip Fun to Tagaytay

I really love my husband more forbeing the one to propose the impromptu road trip to Tagaytay yesterday. We were just in time for some daylight left for the kids (my son and nephew) to enjoy the animals in the zoo. Oh, how they WOWed over every cage.

The highlight of the trip was riding horses, and the kids allowing themselves to come with total strangers for the horse ride.

Pictures to follow but it was really great being able to show my son lions and alpacas, tigers and snakes, animals he's read off books.

One boo-boo though. Our car is an old model and doesn't have child lock. My nephew was able to unlock one of the car doors and open it! Thank God we were on a stop. I scolded the nephew and he ended up crying but I was really scared for a moment. Hubs and I realized we couldn't put off looking for a car with child lock and great auto insurance quote anymore. Kids are always going to be curious anyway and it's not like they were unattended at the back.

But we still had great fun. And nephew wasn't traumatized by my scolding. And Yakee is still hyper from all the fun he had.

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