Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sharing a Blanket

Ever since Yakee was born, we shared a blanket. I had him in sleeper suits as an infant but since I was breastfeeding, we shared a blanket. No matter how he'd roam the bed, he'd always find himself beside me anyway.

But now, he's a lot bigger already. And he still roams in his sleep. And I no longer breastfeed so I don't need to be waking up all the time to check where he is. So I decided to give him his own blanket (malong) to sleep with.

During the first few nights though, he'd sleep restlessly, as if looking for something that isn't there anymore. I guess it's our combined warmth in a blanket that he misses. Well, he gravitates towards his father's butt during the night anyway, wrapped in his malong, so I can also say he adjusted pretty well.

Mommy just hs to give up claim on her malongs though. I have been sleeping with malongs as blanket for around a decade now. Now, I have to share.

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