Friday, March 26, 2010

Starting with the Potty Training

Suddenly I feel that I have to start pushing Yakee in the direction of a potty trained way of life. Plus, he loves Elmo's Potty Time so am thinking he's getting groomed for it. Another thing going for him is that it doesn't take him a long time to poop. He's not like other kids/people who go through so many ceremonies before being finished.

I have been asking Moms how they went about it, as I am having issues with holding his peen as he pees. But he has exhibited more bladder control now because he can let go at the CR now. He just refuses to tell me beforehand when he really has to pee.

I wonder if having a cardboard display of his accomplishments, a potty and rewards chart, is imperative at this point. But I have tasked my husband first to bring him to the CR everytime he pees so he can instruct Yakee.

Good luck to us!

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