Thursday, April 22, 2010

Awake from Hunger Again

Sometimes I really do wonder if this will be my life for the next seven months, waking up at around three or four in the morning because I am hungry. It makes me concerned that I might gain too much weight or develop gestational diabetes but it's also not like I can just take some adipex p for this. I am pregnant after all. This is my body's way of telling me it needs something.

I'd love to binge on fruits but can't even tolerate bananas anymore. And I so miss eating bananas everyday!!!

I can eat melon and singkamas though. Maybe even papaya. And yeah, buko meat too. Alkaline-based fruits mostly. If it's sweet or citrusy/sour, I can't enjoy it because I'd just be acidic and suffering from indigestion. I am actually sorry I can't eat indian mangoes or sineguelas, sniff, sniff.

I should invest on low-fat milk also because I drink too much of it these days. I try to avoid juice for the sugar (and well, I tried pineapple juice and it didn't agree with me) so milk is the only filling alternative I have. I try to limit even my cracker intake because it's carbs.

Good for me, I have always had more discipline with food while pregnant.

But I hate having to wake up to eat! Ugh.

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