Friday, April 16, 2010

Breath Caught for a Heartbeat

I went back to my original OB yesterday because I am still spotting. But since I got pregnant without help, she wasn't as concerned as she was when it was my first pregnancy.

I had to have a repeat ultrasound because my first (for this pregnancy) showed only a gestational sac. After being poked by that thingie for the trans-V, I held my breath and watched the monitor.

And I saw the form of the fetus.

And I started tearing up.

My OB said, heartbeat is good and proceeded to point it out to me. I just said yes, I see it,but really didn't notice the blinking thing that told me before that Yakee's heart is really beating inside me. But according to the ultrasound, Yamee's heart is beating a sweet and healthy 168 beats per minute.

I am in love in a major way again. And I think this is really one of those moments a mother lives for.


No internal bleeding either so I wasn't even ordered to go on bed rest. She said I may be having psychological bleeding instead. Wahahaha.

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