Monday, April 5, 2010


Okay, here's the truth and nothing but the truth so help me heaven.

January of 2007, I was twenty pounds heavier than when I got married. So when my in-laws were raving about these slimming pills they get from Binondo, I asked for a box and tried it especially since they said there wouldn't be any sojourns to the CR like with other slimming products.

So I started taking it, noticed a decrease in appetite, and that was that. Then my period did not come so I stopped taking it. Just to be careful. Then it ocurred to me to take a pregnancy test a few days after. I was pregant.

I discussed the possible effects of those slimming pills (can't even name it because it was all in Chinese) with my OB and made sure I ate and did healthy all throughout the pregnancy.


Fast forward to last February. I was 150+ pounds, almost the weight I was when I was 9 months pregnant. I officially weaned Yakee on Valentines Day. I also got my period then. I thought it was the perfect time to consume the Slenda box I got from a blogger event. So I started taking them. It said to pop a pill before meals but I wasn't very judicious about that.

Then March 14 came and went without me getting my period. I stopped taking Slenda then. Just to be careful, you know. I tested positive in March 30.


It could still be coincidence but two times of attempting to lose weight chemically and two pregnancies... that's pretty weird right? I sometimes kid hubs that we might have had multiples if I tried the quick trim fast cleanse, hehe.

And of course I worry if the Slenda pills would have side effects to the baby, and if they're in any way contributing to the nausea and all. But at least Slenda is supposedly made from natural ingredients, ingredients that I know (well, I don't know what Banaba is, but am sure my grandma knew about it). And I am working closely with doctors.

Maybe there's something in slimming pills that somehow help prep me up for pregnancy. Hmmm...


Oh and am not telling women out there to start taking slimming pills for pregnancy ha! I am just relating my story.

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