Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Hazards of Having a Toddler

I wonder if life insurance rates take into account the fact of a toddler in the house. Because they really add a certain level of stress that is bound to result in a slew of health concerns, from reduced immunity (from the lack of sleep and stress) to heart attacks.

I kid you not.

Yesterday, my son decided to throw a tantrum by the edge of the road, with passing trucks and cars roaring just a foot or two away. He refused to be carried, refused to stand up, walk, etc. My cousin and I didn't want to force him so much lest it results in an accident, with him falling or running towards the traffic.

For several moments, I really wondered where my sweet child had gone and prayed that we can go back home safely. See, my imagination was working overdrive as well. Accidents happen freakily after all.

Then my son insisted I carry him, which I could but only for a short while. I am still spotting and accompanying him in his swimming lessons is already taxing enough. He's only about 27 lbs. but he has been hyper in my arms since Day One. That's stress I really can't deal with because I have to mind my health and Yamee's sure development as well.

Am sure other parents have equally sorry tales to tell.

Having a toddler is hazardous to one's health. Yakee missed telling me he peed somewhere and I slipped there. And I keep slipping on his toys. Hazardous. Dangerous. Stressful.

Which is why I realy celebrate all the moments when he's asleep.

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