Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Need Space from my Son

What's an mmf drawer? I thought for a while that I was being assigned something kinky, hahaha.

Anyway, I need space from my son. He's developed this habit, despite repeated scolding, timeouts, reprimands, timeouts, reminding, timeouts, of climbing over people especially me. He'd ride on me, step on me, walk on me, sit on me, crawl on me, jump on me, hang from me and keep trying to squeeze, squash and scratch me.

I need space.

Plus, he's hurting me a lot. And annoying me to high heaven. And making me feel hotter in this summer heat.

I hate waking up only to turn him away. I hate having to scold. And it's not like am not hugging him enough because I do. Somehow though, he isn't contented with hugs and am not getting through him to be gentler with me.

I need space.


Mmf drawers are cash drawers, I later learn. Hehe.

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