Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Life Shelved as Life Grows

We had a choice.

I had a choice.

We could have chosen more sex, more US time, more money for travels and dates. We could have built the house first, with a master bath and maybe a yard that goes on forever. We could have chosen to go abroad first and try a life outside this country of ours. We could have built a business, I could have specialized at school and maybe pursued another career. I could have chosen to amuse myself with Outer banks foreclosures and resort memberships.

I could have chosen a great many other things.

But I chose motherhood.

Now, even trivial things like renewing a PRC license has to wait.

And yes, sometimes I do resent having to give things up or not having nice things. I get envious when I read of friends being able to afford trips and gadgets and other luxuries. But I have never regretted it.

How can I? I think I have chosen motherhood to define me even at an early age. I always wanted to be a Mom. And I do find it rewarding.

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