Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Cryer Nephew

My nephew is a cryer.

And now that my brother sometimes leaves him with us, I get how he must have frustrated my brother and sister-in-law. Because when he starts crying, he refuses to stop. And it's not just your typical crying either. He wails and screams, the kind that grates on your nerves and makes you want to stuff a pillow on his face just to have some peace. I swear, it will make anyone reading proactiv reviews because it's stressful listening to him.

He's just like the neighbor's kids all those years ago. Sigh.

Well, partly I think it's because he's a really sensitive child. When he's upset, he's upset and it takes him a long time to bounce back. Partly I think he has trained his parents to give in to him finally if he cries long enough.

And I am far from the enabler parent.

Anyway, he cried when he was left with us this afternoon. Normally,my cousin gives in and takes him out but as she was busy with Facebook, and I don't hang outside, we just let him cry in our arms. We'd sometimes talk to him in a soothing voice but generally just really let him cry and braced ourselves to go deaf by the end of the day.

Fortunately, he got tired after 45 minutes of wailing. Then he started playing as if he wasn't crying like crazy for almost an hour. Peace was had at last! Hopefully it gets better over time till he's down to just a minute of all those drama.

I love him but really, he has to outgrow the crying!

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