Monday, April 5, 2010

My Strong, Strong Man

In a way, I am one proud Momma that my son does not need any hgh supplement at all, to build muscles. In his average frame, he seems to have lots of them.

Allow me to backtrack a little.

Spending the weekend with the in-laws subjected us again to the usual comments over his frame. They think he's thin.

And yet our son can hold onto the handles of great glass doors and brace himself up. Such is his upper body strength. He can also dance for hours and support himself on one foot already. He can carry and push heavy things, much to our dismay, and he really can land on you with force. He can also slap and kick and hurt you.

My son doesn't seem to have baby fats anymore but he has baby muscles. Hehe. I just know he's going to grow up a really strong man so i really hope I could get him into good sports classes.

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