Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pregnancy Can be so Lonely at Times

I have great support in my life, just for the record. But people can only do so much. It's still just me and this growing life inside me half the time.

It's just me and this baby in the wee hours of the morning when I get hungry, feel nauseous, or have a splitting headache from all the hormones.

It's just all me with the twitches and cramping, the back ache, the weird feeling about my hips, and the engorged breasts.

It's just me feeling that something's wrong. It's just me feeling restless and in turmoil inside. It's just me with my fears about doing right, doing enough, doing what's best.

It's just me with the weird dreams in my sleep.

It's just me with the fluctuating moods and feelings.

And then, it's just me getting stretched as the baby grows big... and only me really delivering the baby.

And even if other moms can relate, for we all go through it like this, it's really a very personal journey. And pregnancies are never the same, even if some are blessed with really smooth ones. Because circumstances change, we get older, have different aspirations, and deal with different things at different points in our lives.

Pregnancy can be so lonely at times.


Then again, I guess this is really the basic explanation for the sacred mother and child bond. We know our child first. Our child knows us first.


JMom said...

Pregnancy can be a lonely time indeed, as you described it. But it could be the most special time as you start the bond with your child, perfect for meditation and introspection, visualizing this life growing inside of you. Enjoy this phase for it will not come again. I am re-living it through you young moms :)

Mec said...

Oh Jmom... i know that. It's just that when hormones keep me awake in ungodly hours, I really can't help but feel down... sniff