Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Same and Different

People have started asking if my pregnancy's the same as before.

In a way, it's the same. We weren't expecting it. We found out about it real early. There's the sensisitivity to smells and dizziness and exhaustion and insomnia. And I spotted both times.

Hopefully, i'd stop spotting soon.

But there are minute differences. Hubs pointed out that before, I just didn't have any appetite. Now, I have particular aversions. I can't tolerate the smell of chocolate drinks, sweetened milk, covered food and chicken. I can't eat champorado, which was the only thing that had 'taste' for me before. I can't eat sotanghon soup.

Oh and I do have cravings. Bagoong. Salt. I think I ate bad this week, bicol express and binagoongan and indian mangoes with some soy sauce, aside from tomatoes with soy sauce. Hello bloat! Argh.

And I ate two cheese floss breads from Dough Joe.

Not sure if i'm going to lose weight or gain much. Yikes. Not that am about to go clicking when I see "click here to lose weight fast" anywhere.

Another same thing is the allergic rhinitis episode during the pregnancy. And the most I could be given is Salinase for my nose. Sigh.

I think I was wrong now in only listing 7 Most Annoying Things While Being Pregnant.

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