Friday, April 30, 2010

Was Sad Yesterday

Because of our higher electric bill, and the meds and possibly another ultrasound I need for my delicate pregnancy, I was depressed yesterday over our limited disposable income. It's not that I was hoping to buy christian louboutin shoes or anything as grand, but I was planning on buying a new bathing suit. Plus, we're going to Marinduque this May and would need extra cash for terminal fees, spending money and emergency cash.

Then again, I had to remind myself that we wanted this second baby. Of course, I didn't know I'd be spotting again and requiring Duphaston again. But still, we wanted to expand the family so there really aren't regrets there.

And I am actually earning from my writing, however minimal. I haven't gotten hold of the checks yet because somebody made the mistake of issuing them to a Maureen Bartolome. Hehe. But those are at least enough to make sure we're not using the credit card.

Was sad yesterday. I have a better perspective now.

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