Monday, April 26, 2010

When to Have Baby Baptized

With Yakee, we originally planned to have him baptized in time with his first birthday so that we'd just splurge on a party once. But since he was born in October and we wanted to make the Christmas rounds, and my Mom was here from the US, we had him baptized before Mom left.

With Yamee, we agreed again to have him baptized by his first birthday. But I still don't know. If my Mom arrives in December, I might want again to have Yamee baptized before she leaves. I just really like having my parents there for my kids' baptism because they're part of who's welcoming my child to the Christian world.

My sister cannot definitely make it, which is really sad. But her priority right now is to pass the NCLEX and concentrate on her healthcare job search. She's already 24 so she really has to start earning professionally.

Well, a lot will also depend on whether we'd have money for a baptism we'd be comfortable giving. We've always been a little particular about food... and that costs us.

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