Wednesday, May 12, 2010

All Barf

After being discharged from the hospital, I was okay for a while. Still a little weak and nauseated but I could manage the heat without aircon and could keep my food down. Plus, I wasn't spotting anymore.

And then came the election day heat. I should have appealed to my MIL's good nature and asked for the aircon use but I didn't. I let myself wallow in the heat last Monday which resulted in hypertensive feelings. And then I couldn't eat anymore. And I barfed what I couldn't eat. We had to stay another night because I was too weak and dizzy.

And then I started spotting again. And now need aircon 24/7. Just eating downstairs would give me the dizzies.

Barfing irritated my nose, which resulted in my allergic rhinitis badly triggered. Then the coughing and sneezing made me barf the little lunch I had. I had to ask my OB for an antihistamine I can safely take because I badly need relief. And I took Plasil again because I don't want to be barfing anymore.

I am truly, truly exhausted.

I have reached a point, many times, when I wished I didn't get pregnant in an El Nino year. As if that's better than an Ondoy year, no? Hay. This pregnancy has just really been tres difficult.

And you know what, I never thought i'd reach a point where I would actually feel better after barfing. I hate to barf so. And I have usually had the spirit to keep it at bay. But now...

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