Monday, May 3, 2010

Another Rant

Pregnancy really should be considered the best best diet pill of all, although of course, it isn't a pill and a pregnant mom's goal is not to lose weight.

Two days of barfing, extreme nausea and an overall feeling of uselessness. And to think I was looking forward to the first trimester ending. I am trying to remain hopeful though that the aggravated nausea is because my hormone levels are switching to 'normal' again. But gosh, am I hungry. I can't even drink water now without wanting to hurl.

Maybe I should have a go at those preggie pops downstairs, since my brother locked the screen door and I can't get to any cold milk. Sigh.

Yamee darling. Mommy is really, really exhausted now. Please, please cooperarte. Thank you. Love you.

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