Saturday, May 29, 2010

Crab Binge

Seriously, if I wasn't pregnant and I was some other woman, I would probably looking for the best weight loss supplements available after what I did.

I ate lunch for three hours!!!

Hubby cooked sweet chili crabs and shrimp for me. It's really bad of him to buy two kilos of crabs for me to feast on, and the sauce he made was just soooo delicious that I ate lots and lots of rice.

Actually, I only ate 1.5 crabs and it wouldn't have taken me so long to eat it, although I like savoring every nook and cranny of it, if I wasn't also pacing myself. Plus, at fist I was shelling shrimps for my hyper son. And I was watching the movie Scorpion King. And for the last plate of rice and crab, I made sure to eat real slow so I won't have reflux or indigestion. So far, so good... but it's only been an hour after I finished eating. And I know eating such a hefty meal would mean I'd be overly hungry in an hour or two again only because of too much gastric juice in my tummy.

Everything has a price, hehe.

I just hope I don't barf later.

Oh and I have resolved to eat the rest of the crabs tomorrow instead. I'd eat a lot of light things from now on till tonight.

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