Thursday, May 20, 2010

On IDs and Photos

I started unpacking some of our stuff from our recent trip. I saw my son's Lozada Swim School ID card and couldn't help but wonder if he would be able to fill up all the slots there and complete his lessons. Such a great picture I printed for it too! Well, we will see next week if I would have energy again to go with him, and charm to appeal to his instructors to accept him back after a long absence. He did learn to fearlessly dive in the waters of Marinduque.

I am also reminded of the recent HP printer commercial I saw, with these peacocks comparing more colorful plummage. We have an HP printer and I really should print more pictures and have hard copies of our digital files. I also really should complete my son's baby book already since his brother or sister is due this year. I can't have two kids without a proper album to their name!

I wonder though if we should invest on an id card printer on top of our colored printer. I have seen some models which seem to offer more versatility and are more user-friendly. Plus, they use cheaper inks. Then I can tag all our luggage and bags with ID cards bearing our faces. I can do the same for family and friends and give it as gift, considering we have been official photographers in our circle for the longest time.

I also want to pepper my mother-in-law's rest house with pictures of her grandchildren, especially ones where they're enjoying it there. Am sure pictures of kids playing in the sand or splashing water, or my son handling a chick or frog, will make her smile all those days she's there and we aren't.

Some ID card printers are also really portable which will be great to have on trips if we want instant prints. We could also immediately give photo prints as gifts to people we meet during a short vacation.

But okay, okay, that's another expense that will have to wait till after I give birth. Let's see if it starts to feel necessary!

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