Friday, May 28, 2010

Rains and Two Steps Back

Like what I said, just when I was starting to feel human again, I take two steps back. I barfed for two consecutive days (i think i'd beat those taking clinicallix in weight loss) and I am feeling weak and dizzy all the time again. I also had spotting yesterday, which was a little shocking for me as the blood was red and not just the usual streak in my discharge.

And I can't explain my palette again. I dread eating again because I don't feel satisfied or full, but hunger pangs will get me retching again.


The upside is that it rained more today than yesterday. Hopefully, it will rain some more tomorrow. Our parched, parched land needs water and everybody needs a reprieve from the assaulting heat.

And I did finally finish my breastfeeding article.

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