Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Three Tips for Getting Cheap Cruises

A cruise is one of the best vacations you can take. It gets you away from all the busyness of everyday life by putting you in the middle of the sea or ocean where you are only surrounded by water and the beautiful sky. The only thing better than booking a cruise is knowing how to find cheap cruises so you do not have to break your budget. Here are some tips to save money on your next cruise.

Book cheap cruises through travel agents or discount cruise booking websites. If you book your cruise directly though the cruise line, you may end up paying more. Travel agents and travel websites often have lower rates for customers. Shop around before making your final decision because prices could fluctuate a great deal.

Look for companies offering inaugural cruises. Inaugural cruises are cruises that include a ship's maiden voyage. Most companies do not advertise these cruises except through word of mouth. You may be able to find a list of available inaugural cruises on user-based travel websites or by simply asking your travel agent for information about them when planning your trip.

Book a repositioning cruise. A repositioning cruise is when a company must move a ship from one area of the world to another due to the off season. For instance, European cruises experience their peak season during the spring and summer months while Caribbean cruises are not as popular during these months. As a result, the companies must move their ships from the Caribbean to Europe. You can book cruises on these ships that are getting moved and enjoy all of the same features without the same price because it is better to charge lower prices than to have the ships go empty. Check with your favorite cruise lines to inquire about this type of cruise to help you save money.

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