Thursday, May 13, 2010

To Pack or not to Pack

Actually, I believe I will end up packing for our Marinduque trip tomorrow. But I am still observing myself and my son. So far, we're both keeping our meds down, eating well and even surviving the heat here downstairs.

I am sitting on the fence about bringing our DSLR. Ever since this pregnancy, I have not been in the mood to shoot. And if I won't in Marinduque, then it's just a super bulky thing added to Pappie's load.

Good thing I need not worry about things like iphone accessories or whatever. My Sun phone won't even be working there. And good thing we have that portable USB player already. I just hope hubs got to download a lot of things to amuse me with.

But really, all I want is to lounge in the hammock on the porch, overlooking the sea. I just want to eat, sleep and read there, just like I did during our honeymoon. And Yakee can just roam free and go after the chickens and frogs. What bliss!

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