Saturday, May 1, 2010

Unproductive Insomnia

I was hormonally pissed last night and couldn't sleep so I was up till past 3 AM trying to work on my article for POC. Most nights of the week, I really think I need a variety of sleep aids just to make me feel well-rested. It sucks but the most comfort I get is telling myself it's training for when I am at the mercy of an infant again.


The thing is, I would either be awake till 3 or 4... or wake up around that time and be unable to sleep anymore. But I am still not getting things done. I am still not doing good in terms of meeting personal deadlines considering I am not exactly swamped with work right now. I often while away my time in message boards, looking for an opportunity to help and enlighten, but it's also just annoying having to repeat myself. Because ultimately, my good post will just be buried under all the new posts.

I am being unproductive. And haphazard in my thinking.

And I am losing sleep which makes me crankier than usual.

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