Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Visit

Yakee visited me in the hospital today. He actually cried out in glee when he saw his Ninang but seeing me was not such a big thing for him. He did kiss me, gave me an Eskimo kiss, and would stand near my bed, but wouldn't really ask to be held. I think he's being conflicted by his feelings, knowing I am still sick and possibly believing that he has to be a big boy and can do without Mommy.

Plus, he's having lots of fun. When my niece asked her Mom to go, Yakee echoed the sentiment. They wanted to go swimming again. And they did, in my niece's inflatable pool, till about 9:45 PM.

At least my in-laws aren't screaming for some prevera because Yakee was misbehaving. He's just really having a grand time vacationing. Now, we're even more worried that he might not like being brought back home. Haha.

It's bittersweet seeing how less and less he needs me as he grows older... but this is a testament to how secure he is that he is loved. And I take credit for that, with hubby of course. I am just blessed that my in laws really adore him too. And are really supportive.

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