Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yakee, Yamee and Me

These are some of the few pictures of me and Yakee in Marinduque. I still generally held the cams so there were only a few. Plus, not a lot were flattering. For some reason, hubs also kept on taking pics of the cleavage more than me and Yakee together. Hehe.

But though few and far between, I love having pics with my son. I hope he somehow grows up knowing we had a lot of tender moments together. Oh and well, technically, there are three of us already in this picture. I know my legs seem huge but my arms and thighs have actually shrunk a little as most of my weight are channelling themselves towards my tummy. I haven't gained much weight as well, mostly it's a body rearranging its form.

Now, ever since Marinduque I have been voracious again. I have checked if it could be a sign of gestational diabetes or its just really pregnancy hormones that's causing me to be always be so hungry. I get awakened in my sleep again because I have to eat every two hours or so. And milk and crackers aren't enough anymore. Part of me wonders if Yamee will be a poster Arevalo baby, an enthusiastic eater to the core. Yikes! And what if he's a voracious feeder? I am still grooming myself for all those breastfeeding months/years again... what if he's not like Yakee who just eats enough. What if he wouldn't quit my breast?


Were we wrong to call him Yamee? *cringe*

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