Friday, June 18, 2010

Baby Gender Prediction Test Kit

I am so clueless and behind the times. I didn't know such a test already exists!!! But the Baby Gender Prediction Test Kit is uber expensive. I mean, for Filipinos, $35 dollars is already the cost of an ultrasound! And at least, with an ultrasound, you will know more than your baby's gender, you'd also see if everything is just fine and dandy in there.

But still, wouldn't it be great to someday have a urine test that not only tells you you're pregnant but also already tells you if it's a girl or boy? My gosh, all the months of shopping you can do since you need not wait to be at least five months along!

But I do hope to God such a test will not be used as some sex selection tool and propel couples to abort.

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Jad Smith said...

Yes I agree that baby gender prediction test kit are too expensive but there is some tests like intelligender which is affordable and accurate.

Baby Gender Prediction