Friday, June 4, 2010

Bingeing on Instant Noodles

I had to send my hubby out last night to buy instant noodles and egg for me as I was hungry and craving something hot. I really wish there's a 24-hour Chinese restaurant nearby because I'm craving seafood noodles and 8 treasure soup as well. I just seriously hope that I won't be needing any Phentermine 37.5 after this pregnancy.

I did weigh myself two nights ago and am still 155 pounds. That means my body is just basically rearranging itself and the weight is congregating on my tummy. I actually have the ghost of a collar bone again and my arms and thighs aren't as massive as before. But old stretch marks have started saying hello around my belly button. That's from not putting any cocoa butter and staying in an air conditioned place most of the day. My skin is basically all dried up.

Anyway, I really hate that I am eating unhealthy food these days. Hopefully, my taste buds will normalize already.

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