Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Down Time Again

Weirdly enough, ever since the rains started falling, I started not feeling good again. And I hate being touched and moved and moving. I just like to lie down and that's that.

I even hate reading to my son as that requires sitting up, enthusiasm and character voices. So yeah, this pregnancy is really costing my relationship with him. I just try to be pragmatic about the whole thing. I have invested two solid years on Yakee, years that no one can take away from us. So this small glitch in that investment shouldn't make me feel more guilty because it is not something I really can help. I mean, I don't feel up to anything and I don't have the energy for anything. I hate being such a damsel in distress but I'm really on down time right now. I can only do so much... and that's basically try not to barf.

I just hope all these hormones mean Yamee is healthier than Yakee!!!

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