Friday, June 18, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot Again

It's weird to be this hot again when it's been raining almost every afternoon already. I can just imagine the window blinds at my in laws would all be turned to keep out the awful heat of the sun's rays. And yet, it will still be steamy in the computer room and the living room.

Soon, I think those smart windows where the blinds are inside glass panels (to keep out the dust) and the glass actually deflect or absorb heat will become en vogue here in the country. The heat has just gotten so intolerable, it's criminal. Sigh. Plus, you do need at least faux wood blinds or curtains on windows to protect your furniture.

One thing going for this house we're living in is that there aren't many windows for the sun's rays to seep through so it's not as hot as the other house. But I am back to being my surly self again. Even my son has been acting real antsy and difficult lately and is only happy when in the tub. Good thing for him, he would be enjoying the waters of Fontana again tomorrow. I am hoping though I can take being outside so I can also just wallow in the pool and stay cool. Well, first I am hoping the long drive would be kind to me. Yamee, cooperate okay?

I was supposed to go to the mall and buy bread and have pictures printed but the commute to the mall absolutely dismays me already. I just can't bear this heat! And though the mall will be an air conditioned haven for me, it may take a while for me to actually feel good once I get there, and then there will be the trip back home. I could take a cab but they're not always dependable to be had, especially since it is Friday.

So yes, I am just rambling and rambling on about the heat. I really don't know how other pregnant women fare, especially those living in hotter places like Cavite and Antipolo. Always, I find myself fantasizing I am in a hut surrounded by bamboo trees, which are surrounded by other fruit bearing trees. That, or being in the Malagos area of Davao.

It's hot, hot, hot again!

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