Monday, June 28, 2010

Kris Aquino Marriage is Over

Kris says she's given up on her marriage and is keeping mum about the details out of love for her son Baby James.

Well, it's sad when a marriage ends, and it's sadder when there are kids involved. I just hope that Baby James is the last child Kris will have. Chances are, he is, because she had such a high risk pregnancy. But you see, I know she'd fall in love again... the crass would even say, she'd continuously haunt men, looking for the father figure she never had. And though it will never say anything about how good or bad a mother she is, I just really don't like the idea of her having another child fathered by someone else... unless maybe that one really is for keeps.

And well, it's so hard to be married to Kris with her friends being as involved in her relationship as she is. Maybe she's destined to be as lone a wolf as brother Noynoy, who she of course upstaged (or tried to) with this weird non-confession. Yes, she could have just kept quiet and maybe made an announcement after their marriage has been annulled.

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