Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mean Mom

Last week, as everybody was posing for a family picture, my nephew Ice decided he wanted to pose right in front of my son, his arch enemy. So my son started pushing him. I grabbed my son's hands to restrain him and kept on posing. I underestimated my son's creativity.

Caught on camera, my son pushing his cousin with his knee, then his feet, till Ice fell down.

Of course, I scolded Yakee. But I didn't scold him much because another cousin of his told him, "Ikaw ang bad bad mo. Lagi mo na lang inaaway si Ice." (You are so bad, you're always picking on Ice.)

Normally, I hated labels and would give my hubby dagger looks if he so much as used the word 'bad boy' while referring to our son. But I opted not to call my niece on it because I figured my son would benefit more knowing others disapprove of his behavior.


At the grocery, my son started licking the side of the counter. His Ninang asked him to stop, twice, but he kept on repeating it. She then asked me to stop you.

I asked Yakee to stop, but of course, he thought Mommy didn't mean it. So I carried him a little and put him down in front of me and told him to start licking from a certain point to a certain point if he really liked licking the counter so much. Then I gave him a light push to get him going.

Of course, that stopped the licking.

Not sure what the other Moms in line thought of us though... not that I care. I told hubs, at least Yakee cannot say I was not a fun Mom. Hehe.

Hubs said... "Yeah, you're just mean." :)

Would the same trick work on ciggies, alcohol and drugs though?

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