Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More Bingeing

I am now wondering if I'd need a colon cleanse after this pregnancy. I am so hating the instant noodles at 1 AM already... not that I do that everyday but still, it sucks to be eating junk food.

I am also bingeing on Fita crackers and have just consumed a great amount of cake and ice cream. Hubs also bought me stuff like hash browns, instant sotanghon, malunggay instant noodles, even hotdogs and ham. Ewww.

Friends are quick to comfort me that one can't really fight pregnancy hormones and that most moms have had nasty cravings. Junk food cravings, fast food cravings, food they normally wouldn't eat. I just really hope that Yamee is a-okay inside and will be as healthy as Kuya Yakee.

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