Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Convenient than Formula

Something I posted on Facebook had a N@W sister saying that "nobody ever stopped giving formula because giving the breast was easier."

To a certain extent, I guess there is some truth to that, especially maybe for working moms. And maybe it's only I who feel hassled having to sterilize bottles properly (for when I'd express milk) but I still can't imagine it being convenient to get up at night to make a bottle and then feed a baby with it. I also can't imagine just propping the milk on a pillow and letting the baby feed that way, especially an infant. I believed in burping. And exhausted as I was, I like holding my baby.

I mean, when else was I supposed to hold my baby?

And true, bottle feeding may mean more people can get to feed the baby. But breastfeeding moms who are working were able to express milk and let others feed their baby. And it's not like you'd have to do it forever for it to really be a chore... and with the right attitude, nursing need not even deprive you of a social life.

Oh and I soooo loved not having to carry feeding bottles and milk around, with our diaper bag already heavyy because of my DSLR.

So 'formula is more convenient than breastfeeding' is not a fact for all. It's very relative and greatly depends on what you consider as convenient for you.

Me... I have always valued peace of mind and the best nutrition possible more. And it's not me being self-righteous either. I just don't think I could ever be the mother I want to be if am also fretting if the milk I give to my infant is sterile and hiyang. I am way too paranoid and exacting to just settle in that regard.

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