Friday, June 25, 2010

My SILs and I

Here is a pic of me with my SILs from last weekend.

I really never thought that i'd be close to hubs' sister, mainly because they weren't close as siblings. Hubs was also not really close with his younger brother, so it's also just really great that the woman BIL married is someone I now consider a friend too.

We are different kinds of moms. We're all sort of WAHMs: with Ira doing bazaars and selling clothes, Abbie working in the market and running their business, and me writing and blogging for extra moolah. We also parent differently. But we're all really close to our kids, all love them to bits. I guess that's our bond, the motherhod thing.

And I guess it helps that I know each one love each other's child like her own. We all just really dote on each other's kids.

I really thank God for such a friendship and look forward to raising kids with them and having family trips forever with them. If it takes a village to raise a child, I love that they're part of that village for mine.

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