Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No More Piggy Back Rides on Mommy

Yakee still loves piggy back rides. Sometimes, he's just a child riding piggy back, sometimes he's a cowboy with riding boots and spurs and maybe even whip. At least he acts like one.

Sometimes, I think he pretends he's a dinosaur attacking his prey.

Anyway, I never really liked giving piggy back rides especially since my son is a little rough. But I do love hearing him chortle and giggle and laugh. But now, I really can't give him any anymore... which is why I am thankful that my cousin is still amenable to subjecting herself to my son's abuse, err, I mean, rough play.

All little kids should have their fill of piggy back rides. It's one of those few times they'd feel they are on top of the world. And childhood is so fleeting, they won't have enough opportunities to feel that.

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