Thursday, June 17, 2010

Proud and Ashamed

I had a proud mommy moment yesterday, eventhough I wasn't really there. Nope, it's not some huge thing like a Mesothelioma treatment or cure for pollution. It's just that Yakee used the toilet bowl for real for the first time... for poop!

We have managed to get him to pee there succesfully lots of times, though never really on his own. But it was the first time he did say that he was going to poop. So what if some droppings found themselves on the CR floor, hehe.

Why wasn't I there? I was not feeling well again so I was lying down all day.


Which brings me to my shameful moment. I fell asleep easy enough last night and woke up before 3 AM and didn't get back to sleep again. Around 9 AM, I started feeling the stirrings of an allergic rhinitis and I was so dizzy, eventhough I was already lying down. So I asked my cousin to mind Yakee because I really needed to sleep.

I was woken up by Yakee just when I was about to fall asleep. He was excited over something he was watching. I sent him down again. And again, when I was about to fall asleep, I heard my cousin calling. I thought it was an important call so I dragged myself out of bed and went down, only to be told that they're looking for the Land Before Time video.

That was when I lost my cool. I started screaming, literally screaming. I started pulling plugs and to avoid grabbing my son for a spanking (or shouting abuse at my cousin), I went to the CR and screamed some more from there while also stomping my feet. I was just so irrationally mad that even I was scared of how mad I was.


I was never that mad when I was all exhausted with an infant Yakee before.

And I know that I have two kids now... but my unborn is just really using up all energy I have.

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