Sunday, June 13, 2010

Trip to the Market, Market Playground

Since Pappie started running, he thought it would be fun to bring Yakee to the Market, Market playground thinking he'd have a grand time with the playground and get a kick from the dino plants there.

Well, Yakee did gush and squal over the dino plants. He also started stomping around like a dinosaur. But he preferred running up and down the slide's stairs and running after bubbles. Then he showed indications of wanting to ride the electronic cars there so I bought P100-worth of tickets for him (20 minutes).

First ten minutes, he was on a motorcycle, refusing to step on the pedal that makes it go and hold onto the handlebars. He just liked fussing with his helmet and basically depended on his Ninang to push and pull him around.

Next we got a car, since it was sturdier and we asked if it's possible for him to not have to step on any pedals. The guy put the car on auto mode but my son preferred on looking under the car or looking at the roving animal rides. He didn't pay attention to driving, didn't mind directions whatsoever. Sigh. So much for any dreams of atv racing then!

He was happier at the cars at Timezone afterwards. And the Hummer toy cars at the toy area of the department store.

And me? I was just eating the whole time!

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