Saturday, July 31, 2010

Too Much TV

Because I aqm still a pretty hormonal preggo, I sometimes have let the TV babysit for me. And I do feel guilty about that. It doesn't even matter whether my child is watching TV or staring at an lcd monitor, he still really shouldn't be watching so much videos.

My only consolation is that he's seldom sitting still while watching. He dances and runs around and still plays and jumps. When a cartoon jingle is on, he insists on pretending to play his guitar or drums along. He even insists that I dance. So at least, he isn't sedentary... and I guess, he's still a physical learner that way because he's memorized the actions (from yoga poses to kicks, to students raising hands) from commercials (when my cousin watches telenovelas) aside from learning to grasp connections from the cartoons (as evidenced by him answering correctly the exercises in his cousin's book).

But now that a certain project of mine is finished, I really vow to limit the TV time and institute more routines. It's imperative I do so that I can enjoy the remaining 3 months I have with him as the only child. And so it will help ease him into sleeping in his own bed and result in more potty progress.

Cross my fingers.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Event and Appeal for Breastfeeding Month

Eastwood City Mall, QTV and LATCH have all teamed up together to bring to the public frequenting Eastwood City Mall a breastfeeding station that is truly mommy and baby friendly. They are launching this on August 2, 2010 and a mommy market will be held for the whole week after, featuring family-friendly vendors. The highlight of the launch will be capped by talks and the launch of Eden Maternity Wear (by Bianca Elizalde) on August 8.

So I enjoin all who can drop by to check the breastfeeding station out and also patronize the vendors and attend all the other events (I believe Gymboree will also be there on the 8th).

But my real appeal is this:

August is Breastfeeding Month.

1) I enjoin all those who breastfed who blog or have social networking sites to post blogs, alerts, notes, etc about breastfeeding. Reminisce about the journey you had, talk about the struggles, the rewards, the funny incidents. Just talk about breastfeeding. You guys can also just post about this event or leave links to popular sites like KellyMom, La Leche League, Dr. Sears or local sites like L.A.T.C.H. Inc., Chronicles of a Nursing Mom, Mom Exchange and my posts on breastfeeding. There are also so many posts on breastfeeding at
Expanded breastfeeding act signed into law
Breastfeeding is best for women
Breast milk saves lives

2) I enjoin those who believe in breastfeeding to do the same.

I am appealing this not just to celebrate breastfeeding and how much of a sacrifice it is. Hopefully, those who did not or could not breastfeed, or do not believe in breastfeeding will not get annoyed. I am not even doing this for the middle-class or rich ones who can afford formula and medical care. The middle-class (of which I believe I am part of) and the rich have so many options, so many choices, and how to nourish their child is their prerogative.

I am making this appeal for the 16,000 infant deaths because of wrongful formula feeding and diseases that breastfeeding could have prevented. They are mostly happening to the poor, I guess, and they need our help. The poor already have limited choices, so let's empower them about having this choice and control at least.

Maybe, the 16,000 deaths can start becoming 15,000 a year... as mass follows class, as class educates the mass on breastfeeding benefits. Then maybe it will be 14,000 a year...

It's a long way before that number of babies can be saved... let's do the small we can.

But just really think about it. One alert or post you make might intrigue a pregnant relative or friend, who may be from the middle-class, yes. And because she has options, she may even succeed in breastfeeding because she could have the proper support system and has the access to all the information. The more of us who breastfeed, the more of us who are likely to push for reforms in our companies. The more of us who are more likely to breastfeed in public. The more of us who are likely to seek breastfeeding-friendly doctors. Somewhere along the way, we are sure to influence at least one poor mom. Somewhere along the way, there will be a ripple effect that will benefit poor families. Somewhere along the way, a baby need not die from diarrhea.

Diarrhea. Yes, infants are dying for something as preventable and avoidable as diarrhea.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Understanding Broadband Deals

Choosing how you will access the Internet can be time consuming and frustrating. With so many options to choose from, it's easy to understand why so many consumers become confused or even intimidated when they start shopping for a broadband service provider with the best broadband deals. In the high-tech world of Internet service, a broadband primer can help you understand exactly what it is you are shopping for.

Speed and Bandwidth
You know you want a fast connection, but you don't feel comfortable with the high tech jargon that defines it. When talking about speed, you are talking about bandwidth. In the world of computers, bandwidth refers to the speed of information transfer in bits per second. Keep in mind though, that speed is affected by more than bandwidth. Electrical interference, a busy server, or even your own security program can slow up the best service.

Types of Connections
If you want your connection in a fixed location you will probably opt for cable or DSL service. Cable service usually comes in a bundle and can be very affordable. On the downside, as the number of people using the local cable service goes up, speed goes down. A digital subscriber line, or DSL, is a fast and affordable connection that uses a phone line for transmitting data. You may also hear about T-1 and T-3 service. These powerful selections are usually reserved for businesses.

For mobile access, wireless or satellite service is the best choice. Wireless services use radio frequencies to transmit data. Satellite service allows the user to connect to the Internet through a satellite orbiting the Earth. This type of access is the most expensive but of great worth to a worldwide traveler. You may hear about streaming and podcasting. Streaming refers to the ability to view movies and television shows through Internet feeds. Podcasting is the audio counterpart of streaming.

Ridiculous Parenting Products

A friend shared this link on ridiculous parenting products and I really can't help but laugh... and also feel there are lots more missing from this list. I know the inventors meant well, and were probably enthusiastic beyond measure when they thought these up, and one or two people must have actually enjoyed them. Still, they ARE ridiculous, especially if you consider the prices.

What can you add to the list? Can you think of anything else?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Better Auto Insurance

Sometimes, we would immediately take advantage of the cheapest auto insurance offered us without reading the fine print. Bad habit that could result in greater losses later.

Always read the fine print. Read the inclusions and the coverage. Compare packages. Some other company may be asking for a slightly higher price but will actually give you more in terms of service. Do a background check on the kind of customer and support service they have. Do they guarantee issues to be resolved within a set number of days? Are the freebies really freebies and do you even need them?

The better auto insurance will offer you value for your money. And if you want valuable service and security, prepare to pay a little more than the cheapest you can find. It saves more money in the long run.

Belated Happy Birthday, Mom

My Mom had her birthday last week and I only got to greet her via text. We did not even get to chat via cam. I was so busy I didn't have the energy to send a card or send her flowers. Good thing my sister was there with my Dad and they celebrated at a restaurant.

I should have asked my sister to buy her flowers. Then again, she'd have better use for the flowers this week in showing sympathy to my paternal grandma who broke her thigh from a fall and required surgery.

Anyway, belated happy birthday Mom. I was just recently thinking that I learned a lot from you and your own mother. I jsut really wish you were as happy as I am in my marriage... maybe it would have made you happier moms as well.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pregnancy Forum

Pregnancy Group is a new forum catering to pregnant women, moms and other people who have pregnancy-related concerns. The site also offers pregnancy tickers. Ticker

If you're looking for a message board that isn't as inundated yet by posts to make sure your particular complaints are addressed by the other members, then do register at the site. See you there!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Some say love, it is a river

That drowns the tender reed

Some say love, it is a razor

That leaves your soul to bleed

Some say love, it is a hunger

An endless aching need

I say love, it is a flower

And you, its only seed

~ The Rose

I thought of this song when I was reading about a N@Wie who lost her baby. She was 4 months along.

I am going on 6 months and Yamee continues to flutter and bubble inside me. I know we're alright. And I feel so blessed and thankful.

I just hope those who have lost their children will have the courage to try again, or love again, or live again.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Excited About the Pediatric Complex

I heard from our pedia's (Dr. Mantaring) clerk that they are transferring to a better clinic by October. It will be a pediatric complex cooked up by Dr. Mantaring himself, which will house pediatric experts. She said there'd be some 36 doctors in all occupying the 8-10 cubicles, and a doctor and nurse will be attending to all the patients. The nurse will also be the one administering vaccines while all consultation will still be with the doctors.

There'd be pedia pulmo, pedia derma, pedia dentist, pedia surgeon, etc. Dr. Mantaring is a pedia neonatologist. I was telling hubby about this and he said, "so you're sure to blog about this?" because he could see I was so excited. I told him our pedia might increase his consultation fee but I was really looking forward to this one. He said he's hoping they will finally accept HMOs, but I doubt. Anyway, it would be a haven for worried parents, for sure. The drudgery and hassle of going to different places for different specialists will be eliminated!

Dr. Mantaring is now the head of pediatrics in Asian Hospital (and has instituted the Essential Newborn Care protocol there, where newborns are given skin-to-skin time with mommies before the umbilical cord is cut, and are allowed to breast crawl and breastfeed first before eye drops and initial vaccines are given to the baby). He also told me that in Asian Hospital, you can even directly room in if the baby was found to be completely okay at birth. So yeah, it's most probably Asian again for our second baby.

Going back to the pediatrics complex, I am sure PCMC is already sorta like this since it is a children's hospital. But this pediatric complex will be in Manila (in front of PGH) and for sure will be peopled by Dr. Mantaring's colleagues (and hello, he is one of the most sought after neonatologists in the country). We're looking at probably the best UP-PGH has ever produced... and am sure, they would all be breastfeeding-friendly, if not advocates, since Doc is.

I am stoked. Excited to the core. I do not wish for my son to ever need their services but the thought that I would know where to go if ever my kids need specialists... it warms my heart and tickles me pink.

Can you tell how excited I am?

Had an Ultrasound Today

And the OB says she thought she saw a birdie so we may have a boy. It's weird though because as far as I know, they usually look out for boys. Anyway...

I was thrilled when I heard it could be a boy. Something about knowing the gender makes your daydreams more specific, so the anticipation builds. And then I realized I'd have two boys and well, might not have a girl ever and felt sad. I've said it before, I do believe I will have gender disappointment if ever I don't have girls. That doesn't mean I will love Yamee any less. Already, my hubby is so thrilled at the prospect of introducing "my boys" and I won't deny there is some sort of sweetness in the idea of being surrounded by boys. I think nothing else would make me feel more queenly, hehe.

The Problem with Premature Ejaculation

Sex is never an easy subject to talk about. And it becomes a far less approachable subject to talk about when there are problems in the bedroom. If one problem can make a man cringe and make a conversation about sex as awkward as anything, it is premature ejaculation. No one wants to admit that it happens but it happens more than you might think. If you or someone you are with is suffering from premature ejaculation, just know that there is hope to restore the sex life that you once had. It is a temporary problem, not a permanent one.

The first thing to remember is that this happens to guys all the time. This is a recurring problem for many men and it is nothing to be embarrassed about. The first step in fixing the problem is being open to your partner about the issue. Just saying it’s a problem will help ease some of the tension associated with premature ejaculation. This is also the first step in finding a solution.

You should know that there are many treatments available. The first line of defense is topical analgesic creams such as Lidocaine and Prilocaine. These are often used in the treatment of premature ejaculation. If creams aren’t doing the trick there is medication available. You may be able to buy Priligy to fix the problems you are having with premature ejaculation.

It might be helpful, if pills and creams don’t work, to consider talking to a therapist about the issue. Sometimes it has more to do with what is going on in the brain than what is going on in the pants. No matter what course of action you take just know you are not alone and help is just around the corner.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blackout Blessings

People who were Facebooking, Googling stuff like apidexin reviews, Tweeting and Plurking and performing their online-related tasks all had to go through a withdrawal of sorts when typhoon Basyang hit Manila Tuesday night and affected power lines, cellphone towers and internet connection.

All Manila was in a blackout.

And yet, there were a lot of things I was thankful for:

I was thankful that my son isn't a newborn anymore. I just really don't think infants and no electricity mix. I'd have been crazy scared of bugs and whatever on him aside from having to breastfeed while sweating. At least he was a sturdy boy who actually slept through the night (after his initial excitement over camping downstairs).

I couldn't sleep because of the heat but I was thankful I wasn't as hormonal as before. If I still suffered from morning sickness and this happened, my husband would have been tormented as we'd have been in line for a hotel room. As it was, I even managed to fan my family all through the night. I sweated and was close to tears sometimes but I was still okay, just uncomfortable.

I was thankful that hubby could be here with us, and got enough sleep to fan me in the morning so I could have some sleep. He also brought our son to Paco, which entertained my son.

I was thankful there weren't loads of perishables in the refrigerator. We had to cook all the pork and chicken but nothing spoiled and thus, nothing was wasted.

I was thankful hubs got to contact his family and hear news about his Dad, and was assured the hospital had power to keep Dad safe.

I was thankful we had food to snack on as we whiled the hours of the day away.

I was thankful for transistor radios which kept us abreast of the news, and well, our telenovelas.

I was also thankful that the day wasn't that hot (although the lack of rains and post-typhoon feeling was humid) and mosquitoes weren't that many, so we got to lounge outside all afternoon and into the night, to feel cool.

I am thankful there weren't any posts felled by the storm in my area, and there was no fire or anything that struck our barangay.

I am also thankful to have proof that Yakee really isn't that fond of TV, it's just a handy way for him to be entertained. As it was, he was only too happy to be out all day.

I am thankful our neighbor, a 7-year old girl, likes playing with him, and even shared her dinner with him.

I am thankful I still had glow sticks, when I couldn't produce a flash light for my son to play with (we had to deny him the use of our shock-proof one to preserve the battery life because we didn't know how long we'd be without power). My son, the girl and her kin all were the coolest in the street because of my old stash.

And I am thankful that, despite being held up for his money, my brother managed to go home safely in the dark.

And all throughout the day, I found myself being hugged and kissed by my husband and son. Yakee also kept kissing my stomach. Talk about being one lucky Mom.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Serious Talks on Health

My FIL underwent a quadruple bypass surgery several hours ago. And my SIL was talking about how her daughter was asking what a bypass was, and what it's for. My niece is only four and a half years old. My SIL, at a loss, tried to make her daughter grasp the idea by talking about clogged jelly in straws.

It's one thing indeed to talk about eating healthy, hgh pills, gamma globulin shots and sunscreen use with your child. But how do you talk to them about other important health topics, like sex, reproductive health, serious surgeries, cancer and maybe how diabetes is such a silent but sure killer?

How do you talk to them about these things without touching on serious illness and death?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Scared of Mom

The night before I attended the J&J event, I was already briefing Yakee that when he wakes up the next day, he'd be waking his Pappie up and telling Pappie he's hungry. Yakee kept insisting he'd call me instead, or want me instead. So I told him he can just ask his Pappie to bring him to Jollibee or McDonald's (he doesn't really love to eat anything from there, he loves the mascots though).

Now, when I was going home, Pappie told Yakee that 'Mommy is on her way home.' Yakee hugged Pappie tight and told him, "I'm scared." Pappie kidded me about that and I really laughed in the cab when I read Pappie's text. When I got home, Pappie teased me by asking Yakee if Mommy hurts him when he's not home, and Yakee said YES :D

In fairness to me, I can't remember the last time I spanked the little guy. I just really put him on timeouts now.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Do I Need Age Defying Anything Already?

If you read magazines or e-zine articles, you are sure to read that you can start using age defying products even in your 20s. So sometimes I really do wonder if I need to be checking out wrinkle cream reviews already. Well, I dare not apply anything while am pregnant, even if I know there must be products available for pregnant and breastfeeding moms' use, so the soonest I can probably start such a regimen is around the age of 35.

I also always tell myself that I actually need not worry about wrinkles but I do need something for my acne scars and big pores. Hmmm.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Princess and an Alien to my Son

When I wore the tube dress last Tuesday night to go on a movide date with hubs, Yakee said, "Mommy, you look so pretty." and when I went home, he told me, "Mommy, you're so pretty like a princess."

And then later, he said he was a cowboy and Pappie was Buzz Lightyear... and that I am the alien.

I tried teaching him yesterday that I should at least be Jessica... but he still refers to me mostly as alien. Hehe.

But still, aren't sons the sweetest? He'd even beckon to me to sit with him when he finds am dressed nicely.

Like what I said in FB, it's a validation of how much appreciation and acknowledgment he gets from us, that he'salso able to give compliments and want to fuss.


Meanwhile, it's only flutters still but Yamee has been making herself known more and more. It's nice just feeling her flutter inside me, usually at 10 PM onwards and around 5 PM :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Busy, Cramming Preggo

Well, technically I am not cramming yet because I haven't done anything yet. But I am going to have to cram to meet deadlines. Unfortunately, I am still suffering from allergic rhinitis so mostly I just want to sleep and not think.

But I am attending a J&J event on Saturday. The lure of freebies was too hard to resist.

And the next Saturday after that, I will be going with my family to a Storytelling event in QC.

Unfortunately, I may have to miss the 1st Philippine Chocolate and Ice Cream Show at WTC because it's happening on weekdays and preggy me isn't yet made for commutes. Maybe it's a good thing though, so I won't require weight loss products after this pregnancy. But oh, chocolates and ice cream! Sigh.

Hopefully, I will get to contribute a lot to LATCH's activities too. So yeah, I am busy... and I have that homeschooling thing to also concentrate on. But then again, Yakee is only turning three so am really not in a hurry.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mammaries Engorged, Cool!

LATCH co-founder Buding thought up an acroname game where we think of words for each letter of our name, doesn't have to make sense, to make introductions at the LATCH mixer yesterday more fun. I came up with that, hehe.

The mixer happened at La Creperie at Eastwood City Mall (didn't even know there was such a mall) and it was great hanging out with moms and talking about breasts and babies for hours again. If there's a weird thing about us breastfeeding moms, it's really that we can talk about breastfeeding all day, with enthusiasm and interest, and not get bored. Hehe.

All the hubbies were not banished exactly but opted to stay clear of us. But they were a supportive lot too, some babysitting their tots while the mommies socialized.

One other thing I am happy about is that everyone there said I didn't look preggy at all and didn't look my actual weight of 160 pounds. Looks like I won't be needing the services of irvingia and similar products in the near future, after all. That really made my day!

Anyway, we have so many activities for August Breastfeeding Month, the major ones being projects with QTV and Eastwood City Mall. I am happy to have met more breastfeeding advocates and look forward to stepping up and contributing to LATCH!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Going for Imagination

Spent another sleepless night last night just because I'm pregnant and my hormones are wacko. I may need to research on the best under eye cream for dark circles soon. Tsk.

In the meantime, we finally bought Yakee (and hopefully, Yamee will get to have his/her turn at it) Fisher Price Stack and Roll Cups and Yakee is really having a ball with them. Unfortunately, they're not made of the same material as his other stacking cups... they're made of breakable plastic and I fear they won't last my son's usual kind of play. But they're really fun because you can next them as bowls, stack them in a tower as cups or put them together and make balls. They're different colors too. It's seldom that Yakee will play for a whole half day with just one toy but this one, he really likes.

Note to self though, next time, buy abroad. Had I bought online, they'd have cost P450 only but they were P750 at SM.

Anyway, they're still good for my son's imagination (he likes trying to fit them all in the box as balls). Same reason why I didn't go and buy the glow in the dark stars for our bedroom. See, because there aren't, he imagines and tells me there are so many stars and one or two planets. If I buy something he can see, he'd stop imagining that there are stars. So I choose make-believe conversations instead.

Holding Hands

We have this neighbor who was born with a psychological defect that I really never got sure about. Suffice it to say, he has days when he'd be walking back and forth in our compound making all these noises. My son isn't exactly scared of him initially but my cousin has taken to using him to scare our son into obedience. So now, he's a little scared of him.

One time, he heard Joseph about and Yakee started diving onto the bed and saying "I'm scared." I told him to just hold my hands and everything will be okay, he need not be scared anymore.

Next time he heard Joseph was about, he scampered to just hold my hand and stand there. Then he let go after Joseph stopped making noises.

Yesterday, one commercial that has started scaring him aired and he immediately grabbed my hand and just stood there, watching, not scared anymore.

I just really love these times. He's coming to a point where irrational fears are cropping up and I love that he knows he can hold Mommy's hand and things will be alright.