Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Busy, Cramming Preggo

Well, technically I am not cramming yet because I haven't done anything yet. But I am going to have to cram to meet deadlines. Unfortunately, I am still suffering from allergic rhinitis so mostly I just want to sleep and not think.

But I am attending a J&J event on Saturday. The lure of freebies was too hard to resist.

And the next Saturday after that, I will be going with my family to a Storytelling event in QC.

Unfortunately, I may have to miss the 1st Philippine Chocolate and Ice Cream Show at WTC because it's happening on weekdays and preggy me isn't yet made for commutes. Maybe it's a good thing though, so I won't require weight loss products after this pregnancy. But oh, chocolates and ice cream! Sigh.

Hopefully, I will get to contribute a lot to LATCH's activities too. So yeah, I am busy... and I have that homeschooling thing to also concentrate on. But then again, Yakee is only turning three so am really not in a hurry.

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