Thursday, July 29, 2010

Event and Appeal for Breastfeeding Month

Eastwood City Mall, QTV and LATCH have all teamed up together to bring to the public frequenting Eastwood City Mall a breastfeeding station that is truly mommy and baby friendly. They are launching this on August 2, 2010 and a mommy market will be held for the whole week after, featuring family-friendly vendors. The highlight of the launch will be capped by talks and the launch of Eden Maternity Wear (by Bianca Elizalde) on August 8.

So I enjoin all who can drop by to check the breastfeeding station out and also patronize the vendors and attend all the other events (I believe Gymboree will also be there on the 8th).

But my real appeal is this:

August is Breastfeeding Month.

1) I enjoin all those who breastfed who blog or have social networking sites to post blogs, alerts, notes, etc about breastfeeding. Reminisce about the journey you had, talk about the struggles, the rewards, the funny incidents. Just talk about breastfeeding. You guys can also just post about this event or leave links to popular sites like KellyMom, La Leche League, Dr. Sears or local sites like L.A.T.C.H. Inc., Chronicles of a Nursing Mom, Mom Exchange and my posts on breastfeeding. There are also so many posts on breastfeeding at
Expanded breastfeeding act signed into law
Breastfeeding is best for women
Breast milk saves lives

2) I enjoin those who believe in breastfeeding to do the same.

I am appealing this not just to celebrate breastfeeding and how much of a sacrifice it is. Hopefully, those who did not or could not breastfeed, or do not believe in breastfeeding will not get annoyed. I am not even doing this for the middle-class or rich ones who can afford formula and medical care. The middle-class (of which I believe I am part of) and the rich have so many options, so many choices, and how to nourish their child is their prerogative.

I am making this appeal for the 16,000 infant deaths because of wrongful formula feeding and diseases that breastfeeding could have prevented. They are mostly happening to the poor, I guess, and they need our help. The poor already have limited choices, so let's empower them about having this choice and control at least.

Maybe, the 16,000 deaths can start becoming 15,000 a year... as mass follows class, as class educates the mass on breastfeeding benefits. Then maybe it will be 14,000 a year...

It's a long way before that number of babies can be saved... let's do the small we can.

But just really think about it. One alert or post you make might intrigue a pregnant relative or friend, who may be from the middle-class, yes. And because she has options, she may even succeed in breastfeeding because she could have the proper support system and has the access to all the information. The more of us who breastfeed, the more of us who are likely to push for reforms in our companies. The more of us who are more likely to breastfeed in public. The more of us who are likely to seek breastfeeding-friendly doctors. Somewhere along the way, we are sure to influence at least one poor mom. Somewhere along the way, there will be a ripple effect that will benefit poor families. Somewhere along the way, a baby need not die from diarrhea.

Diarrhea. Yes, infants are dying for something as preventable and avoidable as diarrhea.

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