Friday, July 16, 2010

Excited About the Pediatric Complex

I heard from our pedia's (Dr. Mantaring) clerk that they are transferring to a better clinic by October. It will be a pediatric complex cooked up by Dr. Mantaring himself, which will house pediatric experts. She said there'd be some 36 doctors in all occupying the 8-10 cubicles, and a doctor and nurse will be attending to all the patients. The nurse will also be the one administering vaccines while all consultation will still be with the doctors.

There'd be pedia pulmo, pedia derma, pedia dentist, pedia surgeon, etc. Dr. Mantaring is a pedia neonatologist. I was telling hubby about this and he said, "so you're sure to blog about this?" because he could see I was so excited. I told him our pedia might increase his consultation fee but I was really looking forward to this one. He said he's hoping they will finally accept HMOs, but I doubt. Anyway, it would be a haven for worried parents, for sure. The drudgery and hassle of going to different places for different specialists will be eliminated!

Dr. Mantaring is now the head of pediatrics in Asian Hospital (and has instituted the Essential Newborn Care protocol there, where newborns are given skin-to-skin time with mommies before the umbilical cord is cut, and are allowed to breast crawl and breastfeed first before eye drops and initial vaccines are given to the baby). He also told me that in Asian Hospital, you can even directly room in if the baby was found to be completely okay at birth. So yeah, it's most probably Asian again for our second baby.

Going back to the pediatrics complex, I am sure PCMC is already sorta like this since it is a children's hospital. But this pediatric complex will be in Manila (in front of PGH) and for sure will be peopled by Dr. Mantaring's colleagues (and hello, he is one of the most sought after neonatologists in the country). We're looking at probably the best UP-PGH has ever produced... and am sure, they would all be breastfeeding-friendly, if not advocates, since Doc is.

I am stoked. Excited to the core. I do not wish for my son to ever need their services but the thought that I would know where to go if ever my kids need specialists... it warms my heart and tickles me pink.

Can you tell how excited I am?

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Rome Diwa said...

im so exited momi!!! and oh ts a boy!!!!! congratulations!!!