Friday, July 2, 2010

Going for Imagination

Spent another sleepless night last night just because I'm pregnant and my hormones are wacko. I may need to research on the best under eye cream for dark circles soon. Tsk.

In the meantime, we finally bought Yakee (and hopefully, Yamee will get to have his/her turn at it) Fisher Price Stack and Roll Cups and Yakee is really having a ball with them. Unfortunately, they're not made of the same material as his other stacking cups... they're made of breakable plastic and I fear they won't last my son's usual kind of play. But they're really fun because you can next them as bowls, stack them in a tower as cups or put them together and make balls. They're different colors too. It's seldom that Yakee will play for a whole half day with just one toy but this one, he really likes.

Note to self though, next time, buy abroad. Had I bought online, they'd have cost P450 only but they were P750 at SM.

Anyway, they're still good for my son's imagination (he likes trying to fit them all in the box as balls). Same reason why I didn't go and buy the glow in the dark stars for our bedroom. See, because there aren't, he imagines and tells me there are so many stars and one or two planets. If I buy something he can see, he'd stop imagining that there are stars. So I choose make-believe conversations instead.

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