Friday, July 16, 2010

Had an Ultrasound Today

And the OB says she thought she saw a birdie so we may have a boy. It's weird though because as far as I know, they usually look out for boys. Anyway...

I was thrilled when I heard it could be a boy. Something about knowing the gender makes your daydreams more specific, so the anticipation builds. And then I realized I'd have two boys and well, might not have a girl ever and felt sad. I've said it before, I do believe I will have gender disappointment if ever I don't have girls. That doesn't mean I will love Yamee any less. Already, my hubby is so thrilled at the prospect of introducing "my boys" and I won't deny there is some sort of sweetness in the idea of being surrounded by boys. I think nothing else would make me feel more queenly, hehe.

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