Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mammaries Engorged, Cool!

LATCH co-founder Buding thought up an acroname game where we think of words for each letter of our name, doesn't have to make sense, to make introductions at the LATCH mixer yesterday more fun. I came up with that, hehe.

The mixer happened at La Creperie at Eastwood City Mall (didn't even know there was such a mall) and it was great hanging out with moms and talking about breasts and babies for hours again. If there's a weird thing about us breastfeeding moms, it's really that we can talk about breastfeeding all day, with enthusiasm and interest, and not get bored. Hehe.

All the hubbies were not banished exactly but opted to stay clear of us. But they were a supportive lot too, some babysitting their tots while the mommies socialized.

One other thing I am happy about is that everyone there said I didn't look preggy at all and didn't look my actual weight of 160 pounds. Looks like I won't be needing the services of irvingia and similar products in the near future, after all. That really made my day!

Anyway, we have so many activities for August Breastfeeding Month, the major ones being projects with QTV and Eastwood City Mall. I am happy to have met more breastfeeding advocates and look forward to stepping up and contributing to LATCH!

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