Sunday, July 11, 2010

Scared of Mom

The night before I attended the J&J event, I was already briefing Yakee that when he wakes up the next day, he'd be waking his Pappie up and telling Pappie he's hungry. Yakee kept insisting he'd call me instead, or want me instead. So I told him he can just ask his Pappie to bring him to Jollibee or McDonald's (he doesn't really love to eat anything from there, he loves the mascots though).

Now, when I was going home, Pappie told Yakee that 'Mommy is on her way home.' Yakee hugged Pappie tight and told him, "I'm scared." Pappie kidded me about that and I really laughed in the cab when I read Pappie's text. When I got home, Pappie teased me by asking Yakee if Mommy hurts him when he's not home, and Yakee said YES :D

In fairness to me, I can't remember the last time I spanked the little guy. I just really put him on timeouts now.


Rome Diwa said...

hi momy mec! i lurved your blog. heres mine

Tetcha said...

You know what, I realized my son is not afraid of my spanking anymore. He just looked at me really bad when I spank him. LOL! I rarely spank him now, but I find myself raising my voice at him often because he won't listen! What can I expect from a 4-year-old, huh? I needed to have more patience! By the way, it was nice meeting you at the J&J event last Saturday, mommy!

Mec said...

tetcha... spanking doesn't always work with my son din because he still sometimes thinks its play. which is why mas effective talaga ang timeouts and removal of privileges sa kanya, mas tangible yung loss for him. :D

rome... hahaha, you might not be able to relate with this blog of mine, but am sure my other blogs will be more to your liking!