Saturday, July 31, 2010

Too Much TV

Because I aqm still a pretty hormonal preggo, I sometimes have let the TV babysit for me. And I do feel guilty about that. It doesn't even matter whether my child is watching TV or staring at an lcd monitor, he still really shouldn't be watching so much videos.

My only consolation is that he's seldom sitting still while watching. He dances and runs around and still plays and jumps. When a cartoon jingle is on, he insists on pretending to play his guitar or drums along. He even insists that I dance. So at least, he isn't sedentary... and I guess, he's still a physical learner that way because he's memorized the actions (from yoga poses to kicks, to students raising hands) from commercials (when my cousin watches telenovelas) aside from learning to grasp connections from the cartoons (as evidenced by him answering correctly the exercises in his cousin's book).

But now that a certain project of mine is finished, I really vow to limit the TV time and institute more routines. It's imperative I do so that I can enjoy the remaining 3 months I have with him as the only child. And so it will help ease him into sleeping in his own bed and result in more potty progress.

Cross my fingers.

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