Friday, August 27, 2010

Because Its Flu Season...

...we might be opting to skip a pool party at a family friend's home. It would have been fun to have my son play in the sun and just lounge in the verandah (for they have umbrellas and other patio furniture covers anyway) but cold viruses are sure to spread faster in the pool, and some of the guests are sure to be school-age kids. I am sorry about all my friends' kids getting sick (based on their Tweets and Plurks) and very thankful that Yakee has so far proved resilient... so I really do not want to invite germs into our lives right now.

Hubs reminded me we shouldn't shelter Yakee so much and I told him we're not.It's enough we're taking him to play areas and baby fairs right now, or at the mall. But a pool party just doesn't seem to be a good idea. And with hospitals full of sick kids down with the flu, I really don't want to be rushing to the ER with our son, where I can also catch something.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Jennifer Garner Teaching Her Girls Healthy Habits

Jennifer Garner is teaching her daughters healthy habits by letting them watch her work out, and feeding them healthy food.

And because it's Jennifer Garner, I believe her. So when she says she's cooking for her family, I really do believe her. And the pictures i've seen of her all look normal, non-pretentious and healthy. Her kids aren't dolled up like Suri Cruise is, or all cooled up like Brangelina's kids.

So I really hope Ben Affleck is being a good hubby and father 'coz Jennifer seems to really be a great, hands-on Mom.

Cordlife Philippines

When my son was born in 2007, the closest cord banking facility was still in Singapore. Cord blood would be collected here and stored in their facility there. But now, I was happy to hear that there is already a Cordlife Philippines with a storage facility somewhere in Laguna.

We still don't really have the budget for their yearly fees but cord blood banking is something I really find a good investment. It's not like going over one insurance quote after another where you compare premiums to interests and other terms, it's basically just paying for that option to have stem cells save your child, his sibling or you someday. I am simply amazed that now, cerebral palsy in children is getting 'cured' or 'reversed' and I couldn't help but wonder if it could do the same for other brain-related issues. I was even thinking out loud last night that if our friends had the money, maybe they could collect their second-born's stem cells and have it infused in Anya, who has several neurological issues. I'm just not sure if the 75% possibility of a match is enough to benefit Anya, or if it could harm Anya. But by golly, the leaps and bounds we're making in medical breakthroughs!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Scheduled CS It Is

So yes, goodbye to anything remotely resembling Branson vacations for us because we're looking at around P130k of hospital and doctor bills come November.

Reaching this decision wasn't easy. I have cried many tears over it, prayed over it, hoped for the best and second-guessed my motivations. But ultimately, the two reasons why I would go for a VBAC (avoiding surgery and cheaper delivery bills) don't count so much when pitted against all the other conditions and risks.

So now, I rest easy knowing when i'd be giving birth (provided no complications arise, or premature labor happens).

And well, I do need to rest because morning sickness is back... I am back to waking up at wee hours of the morning to eat, back to being unable to sleep, back to retching all the time over the littlest thing. I think my mood is bad for so many days because my body knows it's going to be stressed this way again.

Hay, Yamee. I do love you and your brother so much... but I really wish both of you gave me easier pregnancies. I swear, i'd still appreciate and love you as much without all these drama.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Breastfeeding Thoughts and Issues

A friend floated a question in her FB if it's just a matter of semantics, or if breastfeeding is really different from giving expressed breast milk.

The short answer is YES and NO, really.

YES... they're different. Breastfeeding supposedly offers nourishment needed at that exact moment, in perfect quantity and composition. Plus, it offers touch therapy, helps regulate baby's heartbeat as it synchronizes with her Mom's and lends itself to attachment parenting. And you lose the antibodies in the breast milk when you freeze it.

YES... because it's generally a dance only a mother and child can do, a very intimate experience.

NO... because expressing breast milk requires time and energy, and therefore sacrifice. It's how working Moms bond with their child during the day, by doing the pumping work in the middle of deadlines and demanding bosses.

Some mothers breastfeed but do not do so lovingly.

Some mothers express milk but do not do so lovingly.

Some malnourished kids, sick kids, kids with special conditions have benefitted from wet nursing and breastmilk donations.

Hands down, breast milk is superior to formula. But I think breastfeeding cannot be limited to just direct feeding since its magic really stems from the sacrifice it rquires, from the giving of oneself it requires.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

No Cable TV in Future

Hubby was proposing that we look into a cable plan for better reception than the one we're enjoying, but he then realized that it could wait till we've found our own place.

Well, I blasted his plans by saying that i'd really like to minimize television time for our kids and do not want to get cable next year, wherever we may live. I did tell him he can still go read tv reviews for a new purchase of an lcd tv, should he still want one, since our kids can still watch videos (educational). Just no cable TV anymore that's so handy and regular that Mommy lets it babysit.

I can still change my mind, I know. But really, since we can pretty much download everything and Google everything, we don't NEED a TV anymore.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Artistic Momma

Hubs found me learning something from Photoshop. I was actually trying to learn to create porcelain masks and it took me the better part of two hours to even come up with a nice layout. My right hand was absolutely tired from all that editing I had to do! Some nights, hubs would wake to see me making sense of digiscrapping kits in my laptop, organizing them and deleting stuff I won't ever use. He's even asked me if we need a new desktop anymore or should we invest in custom usb drives or another hard disk already. I told him we just need a new CD burner but that I am resigned to letting the desktop go soon. I sincerely doubt our kids would be learning computing with desktops anyway.

I just really hope I can finally make some leaps and bounds in Photoshop since it's been over 5 years already since I first started learning it. I really should know more about it now.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Of Strong, Struggling Moms

Krissy is currently pregnant like I am, and due this December. Her firstborn, Anya, is currently confined at Asian Hospital for pneumonia and we've all been appealing for prayers for their family for Baby Anya.

Normally, though pneumonia is serious even for adults, there won't be such a plea for prayers. But Anya has many conditions, like lissencephaly, which makes pneumonia a number one enemy. She has been losing weight when she needs to be gaining at least 4 kilos asap. We're praying for no more complications and a strong fighting spirit for her... and her parents.

I cannot imagine how it is to be Krissy right now, pregnant and scared. Not only does she have to take care of herself and her unborn, she also needs to be with Anya to help her fight.

I told hubs, maybe that's why I'm dreaming of them a lot... because again, I never realized how lucky I've been to be pregnant with a healthy firstborn. It takes all of my wits already to just manage each day, so I really can't imagine how hard it must be for my friend.

But Krissy is prayerful... I know things are hard for her but I know her faith keeps her strong and sane. But please, do offer a prayer with us for Baby Anya and her family. Thank you.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Anxieties Over This Second Pregnancy

I really believe that I my anxieties over pursuing a VBAC are really far more stressful than looking for a new house, or checking out cheap car insurance.

I admit, the most enticing thing about a VBAC now is that it will save us money. For a one-income family, this is not a joke.

The savings can be used for my second-born's baptism instead of us having to use hubby's Christmas bonus for that, and be really down to zero (well, not really zero, but you know what I mean).

But there is also that fact that since I advocate breastfeeding, I really should be more welcoming of labor and try avoid any tampering with my body.

But I am scared of labor. And my first delivery was a great CS experience. I actually cannot relate with what other women complain about. I mean sure, I get twinges of pain and all but nothing that really bothers me enough to even warrant a Plurk alert. I felt I recovered pretty well and the CS didn't pose any breastfeeding challenge for me. It was easy.

And then there's the fact that if my VBAC attempt fails, we'd still have CS and it will cost us more. I don't want to regret ever having tried VBAC and wasting more of my husband's money. Plus, all the complications a failed VBAC invites! Ugh.

I am praying for a sign. For courage to believe in my body's capacity, not just to carry a child but also to bear it, in the same way I believed I could nourish a baby. For wisdom to know when to quit while am ahead. For my heart to be in the right place.

Mom's Purest Love at Eastwood City Mall

Hello Breast Friends,

Hi Friends and Countrymen,

I'd like to personally invite you to a LATCH/Eastwood event this Sunday Aug 8 :-) This month is World Breastfeeding Month and my breastfeeding advocacy group LATCH has been working with Megaworld to help celebrate the occasion. We've been having activities this whole week, starting with the launch of the breastfeeding room and a photo exhibit. Right now, there is an ongoing mommy marketplace selling baby stuff and breastfeeding-friendly merchandise.

The culminating event is on Sunday and we prepared a great line up of activities!

Kindly see attached photos...they are evites to the various activities that will happen on Sunday.
Here's a quick look at the schedule:
1-2 pm Talk on Breastfeeding and Babywearing by LATCH
3-3:30 Yoga demonstration by Jornada Yoga
3:30-4:00 Cooking Demonstration by CCA
4:00-4:30 Make-Up demo by Face Shop
4:30 pm A celebrity fashion show featuring Bianca Araneta-Elizalde's maternity/nursing line called Eden. The children will be dressed in Periwinkle and Baby Fashionista. Accessories by Tweetie de Leon.

I hope you can help us in raising awareness about the breastfeeding culture we are trying to promote :-) Hope to see you there! Thanks again.


*LATCH stands for Lactation, Attachment, Training, Counseling and Help

Monday, August 2, 2010

Two and Half Months To Go

I was officially 24 weeks yesterday and now have two and a half months to go till I give birth again... be a Mom of two. Technically, I should have three more months but since I was a CS before, I really should be giving birth earlier.

Constipation is back with a vengeance and my insomnia is worse. If I get the urge to pee, I will lose all chances of sleeping. But all in all, I'm still happy that my Yamee boy seems to be perfectly healthy. That's all that counts.

I have finally started nesting productively by going through our stuff to make room for Yamee. Hopefully, I will make good my promise that we can set up Yakee's bed this week.