Friday, August 27, 2010

Because Its Flu Season...

...we might be opting to skip a pool party at a family friend's home. It would have been fun to have my son play in the sun and just lounge in the verandah (for they have umbrellas and other patio furniture covers anyway) but cold viruses are sure to spread faster in the pool, and some of the guests are sure to be school-age kids. I am sorry about all my friends' kids getting sick (based on their Tweets and Plurks) and very thankful that Yakee has so far proved resilient... so I really do not want to invite germs into our lives right now.

Hubs reminded me we shouldn't shelter Yakee so much and I told him we're not.It's enough we're taking him to play areas and baby fairs right now, or at the mall. But a pool party just doesn't seem to be a good idea. And with hospitals full of sick kids down with the flu, I really don't want to be rushing to the ER with our son, where I can also catch something.

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